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Please email info@restoredrelationships.org for more information or to book on.

This is a free event.

About our One-Day Training

The day training is a journey around the topic of relationships, from creation to the fall, with a particular emphasis in what happens when relationships become abusive. Followed by looking at Jesus and his ministry,  being inspired by his ways of responding to the issue of abuse. 

We can deliver this training in your church or your organization. More details on the leaflet below. 

Find out more!

If you are interested in receiving training or have a one hour session in your church please email us at info@restoredrelationships.org or call 0203 906 3922.

Restored Church Training

Is only June and so far in 2019 we've trained more than 300 women and men across England on how to understand, recognised and respond the domestic abuse within intimate relationships.

The people we have trained ranged from church leaders of different denominations and safeguarding officers, to people of no-faith who want to know more about supporting women survivors of abuse who have a Christian faith. 

And the training is making an impact - the pastor of one church that has been through our training says, “I do a fair bit of one day training in my line of work, but I remember the day with Restored as the best. Most challenging for me personally was the discussions around the impact of my teaching and theology on women in violent relationships, might I be encouraging them to stay and bear their suffering? I have since been contacted by a woman for emergency support, which I was able to give. Having the resources to hand was very useful; it felt a little like having backup as I met with this situation for the first time as a minister.”