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Survivors Network (UK)

Christian women who have experienced domestic abuse need to be able to process their experiences through the lens of their faith.

However, few existing support services offer that facility. They may get support from their church, but it can vary from place to place.

So we plan to launch a network to provide a safe and confidential space where Christian women survivors of domestic abuse can share experiences and support each other in the context of their faith, be signposted to existing services and be supported both spiritually and practically. Initially we will launch a secure online forum, and later there will be regional ‘hubs’ where women can meet face to face.

The online forum is ready to be launched, but we are seeking funding to enable us to recruit a part time moderator to run it, and to help develop the hub network. We estimate it will cost around £10 per survivor per month (based on serving around 500 survivors a year).

Survivors Stories

We are privileged to hear from survivors of abuse who have shared their experiences and stories with us. It is important to hear from the survivors perspective. Take a look here

Support for Survivors of Abuse

We are developing and creating an online community of support for female Christian survivors of abuse. If you would be interested in finding out more see here. Take a look here for further information for survivors of abuse.