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Equipping churches

Christianity is the world's largest faith. In some countries, churches run not just parishes but schools and hospitals, and have more extensive networks than state structures (and this includes the UK). Throughout history, churches have been at the forefront of positive social change. But whilst some are involved in supporting those affected by gender based violence, few are taking action to prevent such violence from happening in the first place.

We believe that churches have a major part to play in helping to end violence against women. Often church leaders are unaware of the extent of violence against women, and are not trained and equipped to speak out against it.

That's why we've developed a church training programme and resources for churches to use - you can find out more here.

In the UK we have now trained hundreds of church leaders across the country, so that they can help address domestic violence. If you are a church leader and would like training, please contact us to find out more.

Internationally, in Latin America we are working with partners to implement a church training programme, following an extensive piece of research into the nature and extent of domestic abuse in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Ecuador and Peru. You can download and read the research report from Peru, 'Within Four Walls', here.

And in Zimbabwe, Kenya and India we will shortly be piloting a church training programme alongside a contextualised package of resources and implementation of our First Man Standing campaign, asking men to respect women and challenge attitudes and behaviours in themselves and other men that perpetuate violence against women.