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10 Tips From Survivors to Make Your Church A Safe Space

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PDF, Added 09 Jan 2015, Victoria Noble

Discover the 10 building blocks which survivors recommend to make the church a safer space. 

This resource is collated entirely from responses to survivors of violence to encourage Christians and church leaders to understand what is needed to enable them to feel safe, secure and welcomed into churches. It is not a comprehensive list but more of a starter for 10. Please explore the rest of our website for further information on how to make your church more violence aware and engage in ending violence against women. We particularly encourage men to check out and pledge to become a First Man Standing

If you are inspired by this poster and want to make your church a safe and welcoming space to women who have experienced violence contact  josephine.wakeling@restoredrelationships.org . Our church training sessions includes a one hour training session to raise awareness and up to a days training to prepare the church to respond to domestic violence. 

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We can only do this work with the generosity of individuals so please feel encouraged to join our Crown Club

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