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Letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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Word Document, Added 25 Jul 2019, Mandy Marshall

Restored asks the Prime Minister to make the Domestic Abuse Bill a priority

Restored has sent a welcome letter to the new Prime Minister, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, to ask for the Domestic Abuse Bill to be priority to pass through parliament.

In the letter Restored uses the acronym DUDE that Mr Johnson used in his acceptance speech as Leader of the Conservative Party, to convey their message that they want to see the Prime Minister;

Deliver on the Domestic Abuse Bill as a matter of urgency

Unite the country so that domestic abuse is a criminal offence across all sectors of society

Defeat the scourge of domestic abuse in the UK

Energise your Cabinet Ministers to both move the bill forward and ratify the Istanbul Convention.

This is the DUDE that we hope you will be for Restored.

The letter has been copied to Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, Minister for Women and Equalities, Rt Hon Jacob Rees Mogg MP, Leader of the House of Commons, and Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Home Office Minister.

In the letter Restored highlights that the recent draft Domestic Abuse bill and consultation response is mostly faith blind and asks for Churches and Christians to be included in the response.

Co-Director, Mandy Marshall stated, 'We are grateful for RT Hon Theresa May making preventing and ending domestic abuse a priority. We want to see Rt Hon Boris Johnson continue with the Domestic Abuse bill and ensure that is not forgotten in the plans for Brexit. Survivors and victims of abuse need support and this bill can provide stepping stones for that.'


Letter can be downloaded via the link

Notes to Editors:

Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. Restored provides advice and resources for churches in combating the issue of violence against women.

Restored: www.restoredrelationships.org

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Rest0red

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/RestoredRelationships

Instagram: RestoredRelationships

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