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Press Release: Restored recognised by No 10 for work on Domestic Abuse

31 October 2019 — Peter Willson — News

Restored Recognised by No 10 for Work on Domestic Abuse

Restored was pleased to receive a thank you letter from Number 10 after writing to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to prioritise the Domestic Abuse Bill’s passage through Parliament.

The Domestic Abuse Bill represents one of the most important pieces of human rights legislation in 20 years. It recognises the extent and impact of this scourge on our society and gives protection to victims and survivors. It requires the support of society and our legislators.

Restored wrote to the then newly appointed Prime Minister, Boris Johnson on July 25th, 2019 and asked him to make the Domestic Abuse Bill a priority for his government. (https://www.restoredrelationships.org/resources/info/151/). We also asked the Prime Minister to acknowledge faith-based organisations in the bill, as partners in ending domestic abuse, allowing them access to funding and recognising them as a part of the solution for victims and survivors.

Restored also encouraged its supporters to write to their MPs asking members of Parliament to support the passage of the Domestic Abuse Bill. We have had copies of a number of the responses from MPs and minsters alike. The result being that the current Government allocated space for the bill, which passed its second reading on October 2nd, 2019 and moved to the committee phase.

Restored was also delighted to welcome Nicole Jacobs into her role as Domestic Abuse Commissioner under the terms of the Bill. Mandy Marshall Co-director of Restored met with Ms Jacobs and Home Office Officials to continue to lobby for the inclusion of faith issues in the bill and has received a positive response. Mandy was informed that the Home Office were aware of the work of Restored and that they “had been receiving [our] letters”. We look forward to working with Nicole Jacobs in the future and thank our supporters for writing.

The written response from Number 10 comes from Jonathan Hellewell, Special Adviser for Civil Society, and is appended to this notice. The letter states that the Prime Minister is a strong supporter of the Domestic Abuse Bill and wishes to see more done for “these forgotten victims” and thanks Restored for its work, recognises the need for a “community-wide effort” and welcomed Restored’s help in this area. The letter can be downloaded and viewed here

However there is more to do. Now that Parliament  has agreed to a General Election  we want to see agreement from all parties that the Bill is adopted in the next Parliamentary session by whichever government is in power and the work that has been achieved so far is not lost.

Mandy Marshall, Co-Director

Peter Willson, Operations Lead

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Further Information:

Mandy Marshall & Peter Willson can be contacted on (0)20 3906 3923 or 3922 

Email: Mandy@restoredrelationships.org & Peter.Willson@restoredrelationships.org

Restored is an International Christian Alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. Restored works with and through the church in the UK to end domestic abuse. This is done via awareness raising, training and delivery of excellent resources to help equip the church to respond appropriately and in line with good practice when domestic abuse is disclosed. This year Restored launched the Handbook for Female Christian Survivors of Domestic Abuse, a practical resource of 28 chapters written by 14  expert authors, to help survivors of abuse. This resource built on from the church pack