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International Charity Day

30 August 2019 — Mandy Marshall — Blog International Charity Day

The 5th September, is International Charity Day. It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012, marking the day that Mother Theresa passed away, to encourage citizens everywhere to engage in charitable causes. It provides a common platform globally for charities, businesses and communities to engage in charitable causes, events and to raise awareness on particular issues. 

Survivors' Handbook

Restored's focus this International Charity Day is on our exceptional resource, a Handbook for Female Christian Survivors of Domestic Abuse. Released earlier this year, the handbook features 28 chapters from fourteen authors, all experts in their field. Chapters are sectioned into four areas addressing specific needs of a female Christian survivor of domestic abuse, these are:

  1. What is domestic abuse
  2. Managing the practical realities 
  3. Healing and Recovery 
  4. Theology

The handbook is the ultimate guide for those who have left an abusive partner and for those who support them.

Restored's Ambassador Dr Elaine Storkey says:

“This outstanding resource by Restored offers invaluable support for survivors of domestic abuse and those who work with them. Authored by exceptionally qualified and experienced practitioners, it sensitively opens up a wide variety of challenging issues, each of them crucial on the journey of recovery. The result is a vital handbook, second to none, offering practical and emotional assistance for the years ahead.”

The handbook is the latest component of Restored's comprehensive package of resources. Together with our church pack and training courses, this handbook equips not only survivors but also those in and outside of church communities who wish to support them. With the First Man Standing initiative and the associated bible study guide, we also have specific resources to engage men on the subject of domestic abuse.

All our resources work together to give you a complete toolkit to raise awareness on the subject, engage and educate those who wish to support survivors as well as giving you specific material for men.

We would love to invite you to stand together with us against domestic abuse by:

  1. Ordering Restored resources
    1. Ending Domestic Abuse: A pack for churches (£3) - available is seven languages with an adapted version for the USA here 
    2. The Handbook for Female Christian Survivors of Domestic Abuse (£5 but ideally £10 if able which would allow us to continue to offer this resource free to survivors)
    3. Living as a First Man Standing: Seven bible studies exploring masculinity and relationships (£3)
    4. Toilet door poster for your church with helpline info (£1)
  2. Inviting us to deliver a training course at your church in your community
  3. Promoting Restored and our resources amongst your networks and on social media 
  4. Fundraise for Restored. Download our Fundraising pack here 
  5. Give to Restored www.give.net/Restored

If you or someone you know would like to receive any of our resources, please send us an email to info@restoredrelationships.org indicating the request and postal address.

Resources can be downloaded online where available (links above). The Survivors Handbook is not available to download online. 

So what will you do to mark International Charity Day? 

What one action can you do today that will make a difference to Restored?

Choose at least one of the five above (more if you can) and take action to make a positive difference. 


Mandy Marshall

Co-Director, Restored