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We need to talk about Donald Trump

11 October 2016 — Peter Grant — Blog

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child, but the newspaper headlines are dominated by a man whose attitudes and statements are deeply damaging towards women and girls. They need to be challenged.

I am appalled by Donald Trump’s words and behaviour. He is not fit to be US President. I am even more appalled that any Christian would endorse or condone his views.

Most Christians in the UK, in line with the bulk of our nation, find it hard to conceive of how anyone could support, to be US President, a man who has expressed such openly racist, bigoted, abusive and misogynist opinions.

This is not so amongst Christians in the USA. The Daily Beast notes that:

Trump won white Evangelicals comfortably in the Republican primaries [and] …. a Pew Research survey from July found that 78 per cent of white Evangelical voters back him.

Part of the explanation for this lies in the vehement opposition of many evangelical Christians to Hillary Clinton, particularly around issues of abortion and women’s rights. The idea that “anyone is better than Hillary” is blinding them to the reality of the character of Donald Trump.

As many mainstream Republicans abandon their support for Donald Trump there is an even greater danger that Christians will be seen to be the main supporters of a man whose values and lifestyle are diametrically opposed to those of the one we are meant to be following, Jesus Christ.

It is encouraging that some American Christian leaders such as Beth Moore are speaking put against Donald Trump, while others such as Wayne Grudem have abandoned their support for him.

First Man Standing calls on us to challenge other men. My challenge to Mr Trump himself may not be heard, but I do challenge all church leaders and Christians both in the UK and the US to abandon their support for Donald Trump and to stand up and speak out against his appalling misogyny.