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Day 12 - Equip, Liberia

06 December 2012 — Mandy Marshall — Blog

EQUIP, Liberia

EQUIP Liberia is a faith-based health and social welfare non-governmental organization working to improve the lives of Liberians by providing access to quality health services at the clinic- and community-level, and access to expanded justice and protection for all.

Our mission is to equip war-affected Liberians for safer, healthier futures while empowering the health and justice sectors to make lasting transformation in the lives of every-day Liberians.

Protection and Justice

We put an emphasis on vulnerable youth and the gender-based violence dimension in all of our trainings and activities. We also focus on enhancing the relationship between the police and civilians, including communication to inform the public on police activities and for communities to share vital information with the police.

Through education and advocacy, we address the misuse of power, low level of confidence in the weak justice system, lack of infrastructure, materials, an acute shortage of qualified personnel, general capacity and undue delay or no prosecution. In partnership with the LNP (including the Community Policing Forums and Women and Children’s Protection Unit), the MOJ, and the UN, this innovative project encompasses community networking with police, the courts, prosecution teams and the Ministry of Justice, not only to prevent violent crime, but also to assist in the breakdown of impunity and to strengthen police response, protection and the rule of law.

EQUIP’s Access to Justice and Protection Program focuses on:

  • Advocacy for protection and access to justice
  • Awareness education, organization of communities committees to prevent and resolve conflicts
  • Training of protection, health and welfare volunteers
  • Detailed case reporting, case actions and long term follow-up
  • Care of victims, legal aid for Victims, provide transit/safe houses and other services
  • Civil support of justice to break down impunity: assist investigations, arrests, prosecution, transport of victims and perpetrators,

Case Study: Zwedru Transit Centre

In November 2012, EQUIP Liberia opened a new Transit Center, a home that provides an alternative shelter to survivors of violence, in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh, a county in Eastern Liberia on the border with Ivory Coast. Survivors now have a safe place where they can seek respite from their perpetrator while they receive psychosocial counselling, medical care and prepare for the legal process. The Transit Center is the first facility of its kind in Grand Gedeh to offer a full range of comprehensive services to women and children who are survivors of violence. It works to support and empower survivors by providing temporary shelter, psychosocial support, medical referrals, legal assistance, skill training, education scholarships, and other essential services.


● Please give thanks for the transit center and the work that the local staff and volunteers do to offer assistance and care for survivors of sexual violence.

● Pray for the ongoing work of EQUIP Liberia as they seek to speak out on the issue of sexual violence and respond to the need for care and support for survivors.

● Give thanks for the ongoing relationships between EQUIP Liberia and the Government Ministries for Gender & Development and Health & Social Welfare


For more information about the work of Equip Liberia click here 

With grateful thanks to Equip Liberia and Tearfund for this information.


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