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Day 6 - Food for the Hungry

30 November 2012 — Mandy Marshall — Blog

Day 6 - Food for the Hungry

FH are a christian charity supporting communities around the world to help themselves out of poverty

Fh Bangladesh 

A recent study in the APHA Journal shows a strong link between intimate partner violence (IPV) and child stunting and underweight.  In Bangladesh, 29% of women had experienced IPV in the past year.  Those who had experience IPV (as compared to those who had not) were 59% more likely to have a stunted child and 33% more likely to have an underweight child.

  • Please pray for the 20,000 women in the Food for the Hungry Program that are in this high risk category.


Fh Uganda

Women who have now escaped from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) are now receiving holistic, Christ-centred care. which includes basic education and IGA skills training.

  • Please pray that the hundreds of women that have been through this program are accepted again back into their communities.


FH Burundi

On a global scale, one in every three women will experience some form of gender-based violence in her lifetime. In Burundi it’s safe to say that that ratio is much higher. Registered cases of violence against women in the places FH works have reached “an appalling level” according to international and local Burundian organisations. Examples include:Physical and verbal violence against women and girls in the homePublic humiliation of women and girls Rapeforced marriagefemale genital mutilation, prostitution. Disproportionate access to land, jobs or other sources of income for women, compared with men.  

  • Please pray that God will give the FH staff the wisdom and guidance to support the women suffering abuse.

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