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Day 4 - Pathway Project

28 November 2012 — Mandy Marshall — Blog

Pathway Project - UK

Pathway Project is a Christian organisation, working to support women and their children, who are experiencing domestic abuse. Pathway aim to provide a high quality service, meeting the needs of abused women and children, in a caring environment.

Last month the Pathway Project volunteers and staff received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. The honour is equivalent to an MBE for organisations and is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a voluntary organisation.

Kathy Coe, Director of the Pathway Project, asks for us to thank, reflect and pray. 

  • We have been blessed with many public acknowledgements of our work this year. Thank you Lord.
  • We know that there are still many people suffering abuse who are too frightened to come forward and ask for help.   We pray that we can make our message powerful but sensitive and inviting so that we can reach them and help them.
  • We pray for children caught in the middle of abusive relationships and ask that they would be protected. 
  • Pathway are currently awaiting the results of a tender which covers a significant amount of our services. Please pray for our teams at this difficult time, and that we would be blessed by God for the money that we need to continue our work.  We are concerned by the loss of so many projects around the country as funding gets more difficult and services are struggling to survive.  We pray that the government might realise the importance of our work and the damage that we are experiencing across our sector


To learn more about the work of the Pathway Project see here 


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