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Words words words

21 July 2010 — Mandy Marshall — Blog

As Restored prepares to speak at a few summer events here in the UK, and at the Micah Network Regional Conference on Gender Based Violence in Ecuador at the end of Sept, it is hard not to reflect on the power of words.

Words, as we know, can be used to abuse. They can be cruel. They can deflate an individual and bring a loss of self esteem. How then do we use words to communicate our message, that violence against women must stop, in a way that engages both men and women? The particular challenge is to engage men in the issue and not turn them away. It is difficult. When you feel as though the very words you speak will fall to the ground and not be received. This is when I realise the power of the words of Jesus.

Jesus didnt compromise in his message. He used words that cut through the hearts of individuals both in authority and those without formalised authority. In certain circumstances Jesus was very direct with those that needed to hear the message straight. In others, he was incredibly gentle, loving and full of peace. How did Jesus evaluate the need for the right tone, words and message to his different audiences? He knew his audiences well.

This is were Restored's foundation of prayer is so important, so key for moving forward. We cannot know every circumstance of every person who we meet, but we can trust that Jesus does. We can ensure we have open hearts, open ears, open minds to actively listen for God's guidance. Yes, we have to prepare well. We have to do our research into the the background, culture, region, audience as much as we know, yet we still have to rely on Jesus for direction, guidance and the right words to use at the right time.

That can involve taking risks. It requires courage to speak out. Boldness. Trust in Jesus. The question that keeps me going is, if not us, then who?

Do contact us if you want to be added to the regular prayer email. We would really value your support through prayer.