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14 June 2010 — Mandy Marshall — Blog

So Restored is now on Twitter. You can find us @Rest0red for those already on Twitter.

I'll admit it. I am a Twitter novice. I had a lesson from a seasoned Tweeter at the start of our account. He informed me that you need to use it as an interactive guide to communicating to the wider world and public. I've learned about hashtags (#) and the all importance of the @ symbol for ensuring you tag another Tweeter in your posts. RT for re-tweeting other posts. The lists of the standards of etiquette seem to be long and time consuming.

So why did we decide to join in the world of twitter? Well the hope is that we get the message of ending violence agaisnt women out there to the wider global church. The 160 charcater limit means that it's concise, to the point,  messages only that make the cut. We hope the short info's and engagement will raise awareness and the debate within the global church of the need to address domestic abuse and violence against women. It can act as a rapid info movement as well as a portal for relationship building globally. We want to hear from others engaged in this work.

So if you are on Twitter, in the words of Jesus himself, 'Come follow' @Rest0red. If you are not - will you be tempted to join in a whole new world to bring #VAW through the #church to an end?