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07 May 2010 — Mandy Marshall — Blog

This week (6th May 2010) a UK lads mag, Zoo, published a column responding to a reader’s letter that was inciting domestic violence. The response to the letter stated that the man should slash his ex girlfriend’s face so that ‘no one will want her’.  (see article http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8663975.stm )  

Whilst the magazine published an immediate apology, it is concerning that this got through the editorial process in the first place. What kind of working culture there is at such places like Zoo and Loaded that allows for the objectification of women, and at worst as we see here, inciting violence? It certainly doesn’t appear to have a healthy view of females. The concern is though the growth of the lads mags and the culture behind it that seemingly supports its continuation.

It causes me to reflect on the culture that has driven both the men that buy the magazine and the women that appear in its pages. Magazines such as Zoo and Loaded have only appeared on the UK shelves recently. What does it say about our value of each human being made in the image of God if we are complicit in a culture that continues sexualise everything to gain a comparative market advantage? Have we lost a sense of perspective?

Are we concerned about making a stand as a church in case we appear old fashioned and out of touch with today’s culture? Do some of us have negative views on speaking out about such things in the media because of the way people in the past have been seen, or in some cases, made a mockery? Most of us will read this and agree it’s outrageous but if we remain silent are we not simply being complicit in a culture that continues to allow this to happen? Real, Godly, wisdom is needed.

What would cause us to take action?