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British Attitudes

16 April 2010 — Mandy Marshall — Blog British Attitudes

Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Policing, recently stated in the London Evening Standard (31 march 2010) that there has been ‘a change in British attitudes to prostitution over the past decade. The number of men using prostitutes has reportedly doubled.’ He was talking about a new law introduced in the UK that now makes it illegal to pay for sex with someone who has been forced into prostitution and ignorance is no defence of the law. He also associated this to the change in the media where sex is used to sell anything from a chocolate bar to cars and the concern over the ‘increasing sexualisation of our children’. He ends saying we need ‘a fundamental shift in our collective attitude to the growing [London] sex trade’.

The passing of the law came hot on the heels of a UK Home Office published report which highlighted the increasing sexualisation of children. The report stated that ‘the material children were being exposed to included the growth of lads' mags and pornography on mobile phones, through to big-name fashion brands using sexual imagery to advertise clothes targeted at young teenagers’ reports the BBC. The Home office went on to recommend that there was a need to have a ‘louder public debate about how to combat violence against women and girls’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8537734.stm

Have you noticed an increasing sexualisation in your own culture? How do you think this impacts on how we view the opposite sex? How can the church positively respond?