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Prayer and Reflection

As a Christian charity, we believe that prayer is critically important to helping end violence against women.

  • Join us in our weekly prayer sessions on a Friday. If you can get to Teddington, you are welcome to join us. Or you can pray remotely and follow us on Facebook www.Facebook.Com/RestoredRelationships or Twitter @Rest0red using #RestoredPrayer to follow or send tweets. We also have a full day of prayer once every six months, which you can join in person or via social media.
  • Commit to pray for the work of Restored. Perhaps you could get together a group of people from your church to pray. There are some general prayer pointers below, and you can also subscribe to our prayer letter for more specific prayer pointers 4-6 times a year.
  • Ask God to show you what He specifically wants you to do to help end violence against women. What actions could you take?
  • If you are a survivor of abuse, or involved in work to help end violence against women, do send us items for prayer (you can do this anonymously).
  • We also welcome your stories or encouragement and any words that you feel you have from the Lord for us.

What does the Bible say?

  • Download and read a few of our thoughts here. There’s also more on the theology of relationships in our UK Church Pack here, in our Spanish language Church Pack here, our Russian language pack here, and
  • Visit Empower, and download ‘New Man, New Woman, New Life - a series of Bible studies on Marriage, Family and Gender that is being used effectively in developing countries to restore men, women and their relationships to God’s creation ideal. You can find it in the following languages English, Swahili, Kirundi, Chichewa, French, and Gujarati
  • Buy and read "No Place for Abuse" by Catherine Kroeger and Nancy Nason-Clark, which is a comprehensive guide to what the Bible says on the subject of abuse.


  • Read Restored’s article on how the church needs to put its own house in order, in “Violence Against Women – In Churches Too”, presented at Micah Global’s international conference in Peru in October 2015.
  • Download a copy of the Dominator graphic, to understand what positive and negative behaviours look like. Then consider examples of how Jesus portrayed the positive human being.
  • Reflect on your own attitudes and actions in relationships. What do you feel you need to change? How will you go about this?
  • You might like to reflect on the Stained Glass Story of Domestic Violence from US organisation Rave Project. They also have lots of other great resources including scripture to study, sermon outlines, youth resources, Bible studies and more.

Ongoing prayer Requests

Please pray for

  • survivors and victims of violence that they will receive the help, support and care they need
  • perpetrators of violence to stop, to be held account, get the help they need to change and for justice to prevail
  • our member organisations doing amazing work, often in difficult circumstances and situations, to bring about a change
  • for churches to seek information, resources & training to enable them to respond well to survivors of violence and to address perpetrators of abuse,
  • for the UN, EU, African Union, and governments around the world to place ending violence against women as a high priority
  • for institutional church structures to do all they can to ensure a zero tolerance on violence against women, support survivors and enable perpetrators to change
  • for the staff and volunteers of Restored - for health, strength, energy to keep going
  • for funding for our work. We are a charity and need more people to stand with us in bringing violence against women to an end.

Thank you for praying!