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Take action as an individual

Donate - find out more here.

Pray - find out more here.

Become a First Man Standing - First Man Standing is our campaign that asks men to respect women and challenge the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate violence against women. If you're a man, sign up to receive First Man Standing emails with regular tips, ideas for action and topical news. If you're a woman, please promote First Man Standing to your male friends and ask them to sign up. Email them a link, or post it on Facebook or Twitter or other social media.

Volunteer with Restored – We love for people to support our awareness raising events as well as our fundraising efforts. Please get in touch if this is something that may interest you. you feel you would like to do one of this things – phone us on +44 (0)20 8943 7706 or email info@restoredrelationships.org.

Support your local refuge or domestic abuse service you can find more inf here

Spur your church into action

Identify how well your church addresses violence against women - download our Church Audit tool and work through it with your church leader.

Churches in the UK can get trained and equipped to take what they do to address violence against women to the next level. If you are in the UK, you can pre-order a FREE printed copy of our new and improved Church Pack by emailing your name and address to info@restoredrelationships.org, using 'New Church Pack' in the subject line. If you are outside the UK, we have copies of our previous version of the church pack to download in English, Spanish and Russian.

Find out about the services available for women in your area and advertise them at your Church. You can also download the national sources of help here, to display at your church. And here’s a poster you can use on the doors of toilets, to help women recognise what abuse looks like and, if they are experiencing it, to get help.

Download ‘10 Tips from Survivors to help make your church a safer space’ and discuss at church.

Raise awareness

Most people are unaware just how big an issue violence against women is. Help us to raise awareness of it and encourage more people to get involved and take action! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the very latest news – discuss topics with us, and share our posts with your friends. And subscribe to get our email updates (we do a selection, so make sure you're getting the ones that you want!) in order to stay informed and updated on key issues and progress.