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Find out what YOU can do to help us end abuse and violence against women:

1 in 3 women worldwide has experienced violence. It’s a huge issue, but everyone – individuals, churches and organisations – can play a part in ending it.

So in this section, we take you on a step-by-step tour on how to get informed about the facts and what you can do, including:

  • Learning about the facts: The more you understand the issue, the better you’ll be able to help address it. Visit our Violence Against Women section
  • Taking action: Whether you’re an individual, a church, or a charity or organisation, we’ve developed a menu of ideas for you to consider, whether you have lots or little time; whether you want to do something with your church or organisation, or on your own; and whether you are in the UK or in another country.
  • Prayer and reflection: As a Christian organisation, we believe that prayer is vitally important to helping end violence against women, so significant and extensive is the need. Find out more here.
  • Financial support: We need people, churches and organisations to invest in us through donations, regular gifts and grants if we are to make significant progress. Find out more here.