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Key Achievements

Restored was founded in 2010. In the time since then, we have:

Raised awareness and advocated for change:

  • Lobbied UK government, EU and UN on including faith in the response to ending violence against women (VAW).
  • Spoken at side events at the United Nations on Christians ending violence against women.
  • Spoken at the Church of England General Synod on a motion to end Gender Based Violence which was passed
  • 'Written up to 200 blogs a year.'
  • Produced videos for inspiration and education.
  • Delivered over 100 interviews and articles for different media including TV, radio, print, websites and social media.
  • Informed thousands of Christians across the UK about domestic abuse via Christian festivals and events.

Resourced and equipped churches to help end violence against women:

  • Trained hundreds of churches and church leaders on identifying and addressing domestic abuse appropriately.
  • Spoken at events and trained churches and Christian organisations in various countries including Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRC, Burundi, Sierra Leone, USA, Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, Ecuador and India.
  • Produced baseline information on family violence in churches across Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia & Peru.
  • Over 1,000 men have signed up to our First Man Standing campaign to respect women, and to challenge the attitudes and behaviours in themselves and other men that perpetuate violence against women.
  • Distributed over 3,000 printed church packs with a further 3,800 downloaded in English, 2,400 in Russian, and 670 in Spanish online.
  • Over 88,000 visits to our website from over 200 countries accessing resources and information.
  • Delivered over 70 resources to help educate and equip Christians and churches to address violence against women.
  • Hosted a photographic exhibition at the International Salvation Army HQ engaging people in the issue that would not necessarily be reached.
  • Worked with and alongside amazing member organisations around the world and in the UK.

What Restored has meant for some

Perhaps the best reflection comes in the words of people themselves what Restored has meant for them.

A Survivor

' Confirmation that it wasn't my fault, even in the Bible's view; help with explaining to people in church what abuse is and how it can happen 'In churches too'; that pastors get it wrong sometimes...; that God cares, a lot.'

'hope - that other women will not experience some of the things I have'.

A Supporter

'An opportunity to invest in and stand alongside people who are doing incredible work to support women and engage the church to take action on ending violence against women' Sarah.

A Fundraiser

'I know God put it on my heart very strongly that Restored was a Christ centered, prayer powered organisation that has passion and drive to make a real difference in changing the way that the Church, in particular, deals with VAW and works to end it. And that I should get off my backside and do something to support them.' Gwen.

A First Man Standing

'The challenge for me is how do I live as a First Man Standing. Am I prepared to actually lift my head above the parapet and say enough is enough.' Neal.

A Volunteer

'An opportunity to make a difference and understand more about the ways in which we can tackle and end violence against women.' Max.

Invest in the future

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