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Welcome to the Restored website.

Video produced and directed by Jonathan Goossen, with grateful thanks.

Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women.

1 in 3 women are abused during their lifetime. (More about the facts here)

Too often, violence against women (VAW) is seen as a women’s issue. We believe it’s a human issue. But where is the church, and where are the men when it comes to ending it?

There are 2.2 billion Christians in the world. The church has enormous influence – in some countries, it runs not just parishes but the education and health services as well, and may have better geographic coverage than state structures (and that goes for the UK too!). It also has a long history of being at the forefront of positive social changes. And it has the potential to be a major catalyst in helping to end violence against women.

But whilst various Christian organisations are involved in responding to VAW, the church and the men within it are doing little to prevent it. Church leaders are not speaking out and challenging the attitudes and behaviours that promote violence against women. And Scripture on marriage and relationships is often misinterpreted and used to justify abuse. (Read more about what the Bible has to say on violence against women here).

Restored was co-founded in 2010 by Mandy Marshall and Peter Grant (formerly of Tearfund), and we work in the UK and internationally. The issue is massive so, where possible, we work with partners rather than running projects ourselves. That’s why we founded, and lead, the world’s largest Christian alliance to end domestic abuse (Tearfund, Livability, CAFOD and Mother’s Union are among our members - find out more here).

  • We campaign to raise awareness amongst Christians of the issue of violence against women and we advocate for change
  • We mobilise and equip churches, Christian organisations and individuals to act against violence against women
  • We develop new initiatives to meet specific needs that are not being met by other organisations

Find out more about our projects and campaigns here (link).

Find out what YOU can do to help us end violence against women today!

The Archbishop of Canterbury supports Restored

“Gender-based violence is one of the greatest injustices in our world today. Every time an act of violence is committed, the inherent dignity of the women or girl affected is degraded. Having seen the after-effects of this violence during a recent visit to the DRC, I know all too well just how destructive it can be. The Church is already supporting and caring for those affected; it must continue in that work and must condemn the notion that such violence is ever acceptable. The Church must be an advocate for restored relationships of mutual respect and love, modelling the reconciling love shown by Christ to all people.

I commend the work that Restored and its partners are doing, highlighting gender-based violence in our society, and seeking to tackle it through positive, practical measures.

The Church of England has signalled its strong support for this work through the motion carried at the February 2014 General Synod, and I was grateful for the way that Mandy Marshall [co-Director, Restored] spoke powerfully to the Synod of the stark reality of gender-based violence in our own churches and what must be done to eliminate it. Her role as the Church of England’s representative at the most recent session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women underlines the commitment of the Church and Restored to engage proactively in ending gender-based violence. We cannot pretend that we are not aware of the reality of gender-based violence.

Through the continuing work of Restored and other organisations, it is now our responsibility as people of faith to speak out and end it.”

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury