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Restored is indebted to Rosemary New for her fantastic achievement in walking the Coast to Coast and Four of the UKs iconic mountain Peaks to raise awareness of violence against women and funds so Restored can continue its work in supporting survivors, raising awareness, training churches and engaging men.

We hope you like a selection of her images and that she has recovered from her fantastic efforts.

If you would like to donate you can go to her Virgin Money Giving page HERE.

About Rosemary

Originally from South Devon, I have lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for over 35 years.

Originally from an ultra-conservative Christian background, abuse has been part of my childhood and marriage.

At the turn of 2013/14 I woke up to what I was living with. Part of that awakening involved reading in a magazine about a Christian woman who escaped an abusive marriage, and in that article I first met Restored.

Restored was my lifeline.

Not only did Restored help me clarify my situation, but, most importantly, they helped me scrutinise the theology that had kept me imprisoned in a destructive marriage for so long. One of the main reasons why I had put up with bad treatment for years was because of what I believed the Bible taught me. Restored helped me see that my theology was wrong and this led me to freedom.

Arriving at a healthy theology has strengthened my faith. I am more committed to Christ than ever and this has led me to join forces with Restored, to support them and to speak up for the abused, the captives, the silenced. I am particularly concerned about how churches fail victims and further abuse them, and how they support the perpetrators. I am also deeply troubled by churches and church leaders who choose not to know the truth about this subject.

I believe there has been a groundswell nationally to stop domestic abuse. The Church is starting to wake up to the issue. Restored has been at the forefront of this awakening and I want to support them all I can.

Having a dog, walking is part of my life; it’s what I do, and I love the great outdoors. My sponsored walks started with walking Hadrian’s Wall in 2015. I wanted to do this walk as a lament; I was so gripped with sorrow by the plight of innocent women in abusive relationships. Having decided to do the walk, it seemed sensible to make it a sponsored walk for Restored. And I guess it’s fair to say that the rest is history. Since then, I’ve done four long distance walks and now this year, the Four Peaks.

I wonder what I will do in 2020?





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