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Men in Lockdown

A guide for men isolating or working at home with a parter and family 

These are extraordinary times and although the world has seen many previous pandemics we have probably not seen one as virulent and devastating since the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.

The Government has asked for as many people as possible to work from home and for everyone to stay at home and not socialise. When we are allowed out for an hour of local exercise or essential shopping we are asked to keep a distance of 2 meters from anyone else who is not in our household. These are unprecedented restrictions on liberty imposed to save lives by limiting the speed of COVID-19.

However, it also creates pressures and tensions within the home. Pressures created by new disciplines for working, a limited working space, demands from other family members, lack of space and blurred boundaries between home, family and work. Combine this with restrictions on ways of letting off steam in the form of sports and recreation and for some home can become a pressure cooker, with the temptation to vent in ways that can hurt others.

To help with this Restored has produced a booklet that can help you own those feelings, stay calm and maintain your peace. They may even help to build your relationship with your partner and children.

You can download a copy of Men Under Pressure here.

Stay well, stay safe

Peter Willson

Lead for First Man Standing

I would love to hear from you with your success stories in lock down. 

You can contact me at Peter.willson@restoredrelationships.org