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Inspired to run

Running in Jersey sounds lovely doesn't it. Nice weather, lovely countryside, what's not to like right? Well, that is until you realise Harriette  and John Drew (Daughter and Dad combo), are running the 26.2 miles that make up a marathon and that is rather hilly. It's Harriette's first ever marathon. Running a marathon is tough but adding in hills as well? All power to your running Harriette and John. 

Harriette worked for Restored for a year on the First Man Standing campaign. Here she explains what motivated her, and persuade her dad,  to run the Jersey Marathon.

'We are running the Jersey marathon together on 1st October – Harriette’s first marathon and John’s second. It’s quite a bit hillier than we first thought, and we both have less than 24 hours between finishing the marathon and starting a new uni term / new job – but we’re (sort of) sure it’ll be fun!

We’re running it to raise money for Restored [thank you], a charity working to end violence against women. 1 in 3 women are abused in their lifetime and, in the UK, two women are killed each week by current or former partners. It’s a huge issue, but one that is not often talked about as much of the abuse happens behind closed doors. Through raising awareness, working with men, equipping churches, providing resources and training, and supporting survivors, Restored is doing important work to change this situation.'

Please encourage them on their run and sponsor Harriette and John here. Thank you