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Welcome to the Restored website. Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. If you are new to the website then do sign up to receive our regular prayer e-mail.

The website aims to raise awareness of the extent of violence against women worldwide, and what we can all do to end it. Central to this is a vision of transformed relationships between men and women.

Restored is a membership-based alliance. If your church or organisation would like to join Restored than please find out more in the Get Involved area.

We hope that you find the website to be informative and challenging. More than that, we hope you will want to take action yourself to make a difference. To find out more take a look at our Get Involved.

Welcome to Restored.

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First Man Standing

We want men everywhere to stand together with women against violence. We are calling all men to respect women, challenge other men and speak out to end violence against women.

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Speak to Someone

In the UK confidential, free, advice is available by calling the National Domestic Violence hotline on

0808 2000 247

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In Churches Too

We recognise that there are a few myths around domestic abuse that we want to challenge. From the 'oh surely not in my church?' and the 'only in poorer church communities' we want to raise awareness that domestic abuse can happen in every church. We need to be equipped ready to respond when it does surface. We recognise that dealing with abuse will be messy and will take time. Yet we want to encourage churches to offer healing and refuge. We want to help churches link into the professional services on offer. We want to see the church as a place where women and men work together to take action to prevent violence.

Restored is an international Christian alliance working in partnership to promote healthy relationships between men and women and to end violence against women.  Restored aims to raise awareness of male violence and equip the church to stop it happening. We want to see churches and communities built on restored relationships where women are free from violence and the fear of violence by men.

Free Church Pack

Please download the Restored Church Pack here for information on how churches can respond to domestic abuse.

and will take time. Yet we want to encourage churches to offer healing and refuge. We want to help churche