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Welcome to the Restored website. Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. If you are new to the website then do sign up to receive our regular prayer e-mail.

The website aims to raise awareness of the extent of violence against women worldwide, and what we can all do to end it. Central to this is a vision of transformed relationships between men and women.

Restored is a membership-based alliance. If your church or organisation would like to join Restored than please find out more in the Get Involved area.

We hope that you find the website to be informative and challenging. More than that, we hope you will want to take action yourself to make a difference. To find out more take a look at our Get Involved.

Welcome to Restored.

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Mandy Marshall Day 4: Hasn't the church contributed to violence against women?
Mandy Marshall / 06:00 / 28 nov 14

People often question whether church is contributing to violence against women, and yes this may be true but Restored is working hard to do something about it! Read here about the positive work of Christians, toxic theology, and what we can all do to help.

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Peter Grant Day 3: What it means to be a First Man Standing
Peter Grant / 06:00 / 27 nov 14

Are you a great guy? Yes? Then become a First Man Standing! Be the first man in your village, in your church or in your work place who is willing to openly speak about ending domestic violence and challenging gendered stereotypes. If you can respect and love all women everywhere, then take up the challenge! Or challenge someone else to sign the pledge to become a First Man Standing.

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First Man Standing

We want men everywhere to stand together with women against violence. We are calling all men to respect women, challenge other men and speak out to end violence against women.

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Speak to Someone

In the UK confidential, free, advice is available by calling the National Domestic Violence hotline on

0808 2000 247

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The Archbishop of Canterbury supports Restored

“Gender-based violence is one of the greatest injustices in our world today. Every time an act of violence is committed, the inherent dignity of the women or girl affected is degraded. Having seen the after-effects of this violence during a recent visit to the DRC, I know all too well just how destructive it can be. The Church is already supporting and caring for those affected; it must continue in that work and must condemn the notion that such violence is ever acceptable. The Church must be an advocate for restored relationships of mutual respect and love, modelling the reconciling love shown by Christ to all people.

I commend the work that Restored and its partners are doing, highlighting gender-based violence in our society, and seeking to tackle it through positive, practical measures.

The Church of England has signalled its strong support for this work through the motion carried at the February 2014 General Synod, and I was grateful for the way that Mandy Marshall [co-Director, Restored] spoke powerfully to the Synod of the stark reality of gender-based violence in our own churches and what must be done to eliminate it. Her role as the Church of England’s representative at the most recent session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women underlines the commitment of the Church and Restored to engage proactively in ending gender-based violence. We cannot pretend that we are not aware of the reality of gender-based violence.

Through the continuing work of Restored and other organisations, it is now our responsibility as people of faith to speak out and end it.”

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

The 16 days of activism to end violence against women are back and we have created a calendar to journey with you on each day. 

Please click here to access it. Each day suggests an action which will take you further in your  journey to help raise awareness about violence against women and how can we ALL do something to end it. Follow the links provided on each day and let us now how you journey goes!

Do you share our passion for making violence against women a thing of the past?

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Free pack for Churches

Not sure where to start in addressing domestic abuse with your church or simply want a handy guide on what to do or what not to do? Download our free church pack here

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